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Contents include:

Find The Lady - A classic card trick were the spectator cannot find the lady.

Reading Your Mind - An interactive illusion, I will read YOUR mind, and you can learn how to do it.

Cups & Balls - Learn the oldest trick in the world.

Water to Ice - Turn a cup of water into ice cubes.

The Haunted Finger Ring - A borrowed ring climbs UP a rubber band.

All of these and much more, become a master magician in no time!

Be a Magician - Digital Download

  • Be A Magician!! A video that teaches you 15 amazing, easy to do tricks and delivered directly to your inbox!

    Using everyday objects such as playing cards, finger rings, matchboxes and cups, you'll learn some incredible magic to fool your friends and family, and have lots of fun along the way! 

    Perfect for keeping the kids entertained, and a huge confidence booster when they perform their new magic tricks.


    Also included is some bonus, live, on stage footage showing some brand new illusions!

  • Once we have confirmed your payment you will receive an email from us with your download link

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