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The same as our Magic Light, but you get a pair of lights so you will have one for each hand, many extra effects are available when you have a 2 lights such as throwing it from one hand to another, slam it into your elbow and it jumps up to your finger tips, put it behind your head and immediately take it out your mouth, you can even give one to a friend and magically pass it between you, you could be part of your very own magic double act! With 2 Magic Lights the sky is the limit!


The Magic Light - Pair of Lights

£8.00 Regular Price
£6.50Sale Price
  • A mysterious bright red light appears at your finger tips, you can put it in one ear, and it comes out the other, sniff it up your nose and take it out of your mouth, then just blow it out like a candle and it completly vanishes leaving your hands empty and audience amazed!

    You can make the light appear and vanish from anywhere you choose your imaginiation is the only limit. Ready to work as soon as you receive it and is super easy to perform.

    You will receive 2 Magic Lights when you buy htis product.

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